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We now offer a growing selection of affordable, high quality wedding, holiday and memorable occasion products.

Our personalized gifts add that "special touch" that will be an instant hit with the lucky recipient or group...


Initial Impressions Engraving (II Engraving)
is a “customer driven” Internet business located in Boulder, Colorado. We sell a range of quality gift
products for wedding parties, households, fraternities / sororities, special occasion, children/infants, the holidays and more.

II Engraving was established in 2008 and draws from over a decade of Internet business experience via a sister company “Initial Impressions Embroidery” (1999) which has gained national media product excellence recognition and has built a base of over 15,000 customers.

II Engraving’s products are hand selected from top suppliers, trade show reviews, competitive evaluations, market analysis and certain unique hand-made Etsy products.

Our Mission is clear:  To provide high quality, reasonably priced personalized gifts that satisfy our customer’s needs and that are delivered to our customers in a reliable and timely manner.

Our Operating Principles are simple:

  • Quality – Provide high quality through careful, selective sourcing
  • Service – Excellence in serving our customers including quick order turn around.
  • Price – Low overhead means competitive pricing and free engraving in most cases.
  • Communication – Please contact us at 866-470-0646 if you have questions on anything.  
  • Contact Info:
    Toll Free: 866-470-0646    
    Phone: 303-362-0605



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    Browse through our extensive collection and find a personalized gift that will be a cherished treasure for years to come.

    Ron Bowles

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