Sterling Silver Simple Oval Barrette


sterling silver barrette engraved

  • Sterling Silver Simple Oval Barrette
  • This barrette has clean, crisp lines to showcase the engraving and appeal to the more tailored tastes for a young girl
  • It measures approximately 2 1/4" x 1"
  • The barrette will be engraved with your choice of either three letter monogram (family name will be larger and in the middle) OR her first name.
  • Monogramming Engraving Styles (3 letter monogram): Interlocking, Curlz, Circle or Times
  • Name Engraving Styles: Curlz, Times, Cursive, Century, Victoria or Doodle
  • Please note that the engraving of the first name takes up the same amount of space as the monogram and does not stretch across the whole barrette. The letters in an engraved name will be smaller than monogram letters would be.
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Engraving Lettering Fonts
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Sterling Silver Simple Oval Barrette - H36

Sterling Silver Simple Oval Barrette

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